Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Dr Jason Ohler

Dr Jason Ohler
Keynote speaker 1
New media, new kids, new literacies,new citizens - transforming learning through digital creativity

Digital citizens digital communities
Augmented, immersive reality
Augmented reality artwork
Literacy... consuming and producing the media forms of the day

Digital lit
Value writing more
Hans Roslings -200 countries, 200 years. The joy of stats.
Attitude is the aptitude
The degree in which you are willing to learn new things determines how successful you will be.
Character ed
Students will study the person and social ...of social media.?

Digital footprint
When do we talk about the things that are changing us.
Digital story -new media narrative

Extra time
Support risk, pilot

Turn concerns into goals
Concerns are just negatively worded goals.
Digital makeup

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