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Thursday, 10 October 2013

Lane Clark

Do our children internalise?

Personally meaningful
Thinking skills - teach them to think, have the conversation 
Real learning process - inquiry process

Think box
Visual - think tower

Learning outcomes will increase when pedagogy changes.

Toni Buzan Mind map book 98percent recall

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Google Sites


Red beach school
Create links to evidence - photo of book work. Embedded into a google doc
Learning intentions.

Sign off afternoon where teacher signs off

Add what I want to learn - links on work to the progressions. Could cut and paste onto work.

Does TD help with this

This is their eportfolio
Sites can be shared with parents.

Planning shared together
Reading writing maths

3 year levels in each hub 3 - 5 teachers in each hub. Shared learning space
Stonewell School

Network 4 Learning

Why? Increased IT usage in schools.
Is our school signed up?
Content frequently accessed websites - increased speed.
Fully funded
Uncapped data
Secure - firewalls
Predictive -
Open - no websites blocked, the network doesn't specify which websites to use.

Roll out...
All schools by end of 2016

First schools - a range
100mbps max 2013

2013 onwards. Speeds will increase as needs increase

Do not have to have the managed network to use the portal.

Teachers can search for information, find it, add more info, put into a workbook, save it. That work book can then found next time another teacher does that search. Teachers will be recognised for their work.

Information will have reviews to show validity.

Kind of like VLN, Digistore,

Connected to the VLN - have been working with them

Do the students and teachers need a login?

Would it be the same login as TD?

Pd ? Not yet

Is this used in other countries? No. Have used a lot of ideas around and compiled it intoN4L

Ken Shelton - keynote 1

Transformation of learning - change for the better.
Increases Engagement
Amplification , 



Internet and devices are the mechanism for engagement and motivation.

Direction is the key...we need to help kids use technology to help them.

Information is powerful.

FUN can obviously change behaviour for the better !!! Fun is missing from learning... is this not the whole point??

Google Fest

Google Fest

Monitoring tracking sheet- google spreadsheet, shared with students. Students complete.

Daily notices
Google drive and YouTube
Google doc - shared - share using projector

Google sites
Helen King

Google plus

Monday, 15 October 2012


From Motel Room

Key Note

Key Note

Karen, Kevin, Me

Jean, Kevin, Me

Me, Karen, Janine

Hippy Janine