Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Anjela Webster Cyber Safety Evening

How the internet is changing the way we think read and remember. Nicholas Carr Katie.com Kath 7 parents attended Day of glass Connectivity Trends show we want Expereinces control choice connection participation Virtual Society and Young Minds.. Digital divide between what children are doing online and what parents think they are doing Areas of concern accessing inappropriate content Predators Online bullying - harassment Sharing personal info online social networking and uploading content use of digital media 24/7 (phones, ipods tec Online gaming and wideo gaming 'underage' illegal downloading and file sharing. real life vs online life Most common Net safe problem is cyber bullying Differences NetBasics the whatsit hectors world in my day Cyber support Special mention for girls... Girls 10-16 years Identify development - being understood social referencing ... Media Provide real and positive make role models in the life of your daughter keep the lines open talk talk talk youtube clips to help demonstrate to your own kids. life online --- integrity.. safety.. opportunity.. balance
Reputation Management

Privacy and Identity
Management - time relationships..
How inportant is 'privacy'
Will it be important in the future
Scuttle pad is an alternative

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