Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Gail Loan Writing PD

First in groups we will look at each others writing plans. What is the effectiveness. Writers Eye - Fiona Introduced as an activity to start the authors notebook. created their own eye. Idea from Mechanically Inclined page 35. Next activity is to write an opener sentence that has a comma after a long introduction. Eg If we have to go rafting on the Mohaka river, today isnt such a bad day for it. The language features that the chn use - they should be able to identify and explain why they used it. Fiona is trying to make the chn aware of the language features they are using. Jenny Cameron The use of a journal story. read the digging for pipis. Pt 4. no? 2005 Key questions used: what do you notice about the journal story used a plan. picked a moment in time. Used the senses and created a plan. Used it to pick a moment in time. Rosemary The Warrior Mountains. Katerina Mataira Raewyn Mrs Wildings Potatoes. Page 8-12 Journal Part2 No.2 2011 IALT: Use Complex sentences in my writing Use a range of interesting sentence starters. Success Crietria a hook a sentence beginning with a conjunction (AAAWWUBIS) etc Summarising Everyone used models. brainstorming. activating nouns which will make strong sentences. Used the building site at school as motivation. Next step : to use my authors notebook. to continue using models. Success Criteria that is made together with the chn. Gail Says: To plan for writing for a whole Target children should be seen every day. Identify what your target children need. Give them what they need - this may mean that they do not do what the rest of the chn do. Even if you need to take them back to lower levels. So they leave HNP being able to write. We need to ensure these children get what they need. Many of your groupings will be fluid. Writing is not done like a reading rotation. The Tail of the Gecko By Marlene Bennetts - Article What do we expect from articles? facts topic specific vocab pictures similies What do we think will not be there? paragraphs AAAWWUBIS Topic sentences at the start of paragraphs supportive sentences. - dash - what effect does it have? it tells us more. What effect does the excamation mark have. - adds humor. lANGUAGE Features repeatative Pattern descriptive language - infer - the enemy thinks the tail is a lizard. Passive voice - they are sealed rather than the muscles sealed the arteries which is active voice.