Friday, 3 August 2018

Kath Murdoch Teaching and learning through inquiry

Teaching and learning through inquiry

Which of these questions are unGooglable?
Which can you Google?
Pause to question the questions
How do questions work

Learn the art of provocation 

Think 1
What does ... mean to you?
I think ...means...
Draw Pictures

How does my thinking compare to your thinking
Similar thinking

Design the learning experience so you can stand back and listen

 Provocation- earthquake , create an earthquake in the classroom 

What are you noticing? Not what are you noticing, that, I want you to notice.
How might I make this work?

Powering up your potential - you can't make someone learn. You need to give kids the tools to learn.

Growing my learning assets

Refer to page in handout

Building learning assets 

Creative thinking
Inquiring into learning

Turtle video
What do we relate this to inquiry? 
The learning pit
Don't save to quick

Need to know the kids - when is the right time to step in? And help? 

Kids jot down what they intend to learn during the day. Their learner pathway focus. Maybe?
Picture cards to show what 'learning skill' they have achieved during the day.
Perhaps use skills to learn during golden time
The collaborator 
The researcher
The thinker
The creator

Split screen learning intentions

Check they are learning the skills of learning

How are you as a learner
Skills for life
What does it mean to be...a learner

What does it mean for a thinker to infer?

Use the add on brainstorm technique 
Research can be done with a picture

Coding the text. Increases your understanding of the text

Questions to the author as you read.
Text to what I know
Text to text
Text to 🌎 
Could be done within guided reading session

Do activity in silence

In a circle

Note taking
How will you take notes. Get anything you want to take notes.

Come up with shared criteria 
What worked best?

Work in progress 
1-3-6 routine 1 person shares with 3 agree on lists, 3 share with another 3 have to agree.

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