Wednesday, 10 October 2012


TKI - breakout 2
Exploring the TKI channel

Create your own homepage
You can have different curriculum areas. - little kete of knowledge. Links and other useful things.
You can change the order by dragging and dropping.

Go into create kete -
Name it
Create links a lot like using a wiki or blog
You cannot share individual kete but you can make them as a preset home page and share that. This would be good for sharing planning etc.

Create kete
Name them
Add info and links
Then put into a preset home page.

You can share by choosing the preset homepage
Edit, copy, apply to home page, share, unshared, delete

Shared homepage ID 18boq Anzac Day resources

Students can use the link that you create.

If you get lost you can use the FAQs on the page
You can save your search
Search a topic
Up the top on the right hand side click save search.

You can bookmark
There is a bookmark word under setting that you can click to save the page.

The kete need the same skills to create a wiki or a blog.

Interesting links
Youth guarantee - worth looking at
Assessment online.
Reomations animations in Maori
Ncea pages on tki
Studyit good for Dion for exams. Study planner, encouragement
Revision books

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