Thursday, 11 October 2012

Summary statements

Write summary statements that capture attention
The topic or summary sentence follows the title. It often shows in search results below the title and together they need to sum up your story.

inverted pyramid
In the Nielsen’s inverted pyramid structure of online writing, as shown in the picture, there are 3 layers:

Begin with the topic sentence, the most important information.
Next, add the body, the supporting information.
End with the fluff or background information.
The idea comes from journalism. It means that the user can stop part of the way through an article but will still have its general meaning.

Things to remember when writing a summary:
Keywords at the beginning.
Short sentences, no longer than 14 words. Preferably around 7 or 8.
Plain language.
Refine your skills
Here are some options:

Write a blog post on Nielsen’s inverted pyramid or on How Users Read on the Web.
Look back on an old blog post. Improve it’s readability.
Create your own challenge.

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