Wednesday, 25 January 2012

1st TOD - 2012

Welcome to Vanessa who will be job sharing with Tania in K2.
Leonie will also be job sharing with Donna. Donna 8 days Leonie 2 days.

Behaviour Management Plan
Hand out given -  file in Planning Folder
Must remember to complete Behaviour Management Book when required. - Is found next to the pigeon holes.
Make sure you get to duty on time. Rotate around the school in a clockwise direction. It is checking in the buildings as well.
Budget Overview
Activity Levy   Itemise in teams
Itemise Activities - Activities could be paid for individually
Pink forms need to be filled out when any money is collected. When money is taken to the office a pink form needs to be filled out as well. - Get a money bag
Request forms to be filled out when you need to purchase equipment. - Maths equipment etc.
Class Budget for consumables - $300
Photocopying - new photocopiers will arrive in the first week of March. Limit the amount of colour copies you use. It is okay to send black and white notices to parents.
Get an idea of how many colour copies teachers will need to use.
Annual Plan
Hand out given.
National Standards
There will be no less than 25% of children in your class that will be called indicator children. Paul, Shona and Robin will be coming into the class once every three weeks to talk with these students about their achievement. This will relate completly to student achievement not on teacher practice. There achievement will be tracked over the year.
Celebrating Culture
An idea could be to get a class set of labels for each teacher. This could be done by the Celebrating Culture lead teacher.
Curriculum Delivery Plan 2012 put in planning folder
Assessment schedual Put in planning folder

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